Vadi Authentic Iranian Restaurant This award winning restaurant is an authentic Iranian restaurant with a built area of 208 sqm; one of the three restaurants developed in Novotel Hotel (IKIA).
The concept is based on the seven valleys of love narrated by Attar of Nishapur, the 12th century Persian poet and philosopher in his “Conference of the Birds”.

The restaurant consists of a buffet table, long sofas, and conventional tables separated by satin curtains, and a dedicated VIP area separated from the main restaurant by large glass panels.

Design of furniture and ornaments are inspired by the classical Iranian style, while the sharp blue, yellow, and orange colors break through the conventional use of grayish colors in the Iranian architecture.

Silk curtains and black painted glasses used in the interior design to promote the sense of illusion and give every corner of the restaurant an elusive image that is the evident characteristic of Persian poetry.

The restaurant was the honorable mention of IDA Design Awards 2016 (USA), and winner of A’ Design Awards 2015 (UK).

Project Summary

  • Total Built Area : 208 sqm
  • Function : Reataurant
  • Location : Tehran
  • Date : 2015
  • Scope of Service : EPC