Time Travel is one of the three restaurants in Ibis-Novotel Cluster hotel (IKIA) with the capacity of 168 seats. Timelessness is the main concept of this restaurant implied by the relatively dark and illusive atmosphere of the restaurant, as well as layout and form of the furniture which signifies a galaxy, images of which are well presented on ceiling by stretch ceiling lights in circular forms representing the constant moves of the sky in utmost perfection.
The restaurant includes a show kitchen, and guests can view how the meals are prepared. It also has a juice bar, which serves both inside the restaurant and the hotel lobby.
There are no solid boundaries between this restaurants and other areas of the hotel. The stainless steel curtain separating this area from the lobby has a transparent effect, and the 3D wallpapers, with square patterns showing multiple aspects of time and place, and cubes reflecting stability and tranquility, used on the walls have an infinite depth. Purple and black colors in combination with excusive lighting design of the restaurant emphasize the illusion as an implication to the restaurant which is near an airport and serves those who are going on or returning from a journey. This is the journey of the time which nobody knows where has started and where shall end.

Convergence of the building components, such as ceiling and floor, was our main concern in design; accordingly, Sharp colors and modern decorative items are used extensively in this project. The hotel includes 176 guestrooms, three restaurants, and other convenient public areas.

Project Summary

  • Capacity : 168 Seats
  • Function : Restaurant
  • Location : Tehran
  • Date : 2015
  • Scope of Service : EPC