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25+ years


Shi+Me Interiors is keen to add on value of different categories of projects by creating high-end interiors.

The eye-catching designs created in this London-based studio are inspired by the award-winning architect and interior designer, Shiva Aghababaei, with over twenty-five years of experience in the design and construction of internationally recognized projects. Being involved personally and enthusiastically in all projects, she inspires a talented team of architects and interior designers to create interiors and products that take perception of the design practice far beyond the clients’ expectations. Led by an SBID (Society of British Interior Designers) accredited designer and RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) chartered architect, Shi+Me can be your best choice for your next interior design project. 

Here in Shi+MeINTERIORS we provide a full range of personalized professional services including but not limited to design, preparing mood boards and material selection, design and production of bespoke interior design products, procurement of materials and interior design products, installations, etc. Our clients are delivered a high-end experience, far beyond their expectation from concept to reality. 

How We

Directors and design team of Shi+MeINTERIORS are proud to have design and construction of diverse projects in a wide range of categories, from a 600-m2 residential villa to a 55,000-m2 airport hotel, in their portfolio.

All projects, regardless of their scale and budget, are designed by utmost care in accordance with the latest technical standards. Each project has its own voice and conveys a trend-making message. 


Here we speak about the latest interior design trends, technical standards, and new interior design products and materials. In this blog, we also share the everyday life at Shi+MeINTERIORS interiors and all news about our ongoing projects.