Oopen Restaurant is a country style restaurant and bistro with capacity of 121 seats in Ibis Hotel (IKIA), where the hotel guests can choose their meal from a selection of pasta and grills, or take refreshment while watching TV show or sports on the designated flat screens.
In line with the minimalistic design of the 3 star hotel, the restaurant is furnished by very light furniture colored in sharp red and black.
The restaurant is connected from one side to the main lobby, and opens from the other side to a terrace where the guests can enjoy their mean in the open air with a view to the hotel landscape.
Ceiling of the restaurant is formed by rough black painted steel mesh on which logo of the restaurant is artfully cut on the ceiling panels. Above the mesh ceiling, acoustic panels are placed to absorb the reverberations and provide acoustic comfort of the restaurant.
The bespoke wallpaper, one on the west wing, derived from the preliminary sketches of the project giving the viewer an outlook to the entire complex.
This restaurant was winner of Design et al International Hotel and Property Awards 2015 in the Best Restaurant within a Hotel Category.

Project Summary

  • Capacity: 121 Seats
  • Function: Hotel Restaurant
  • Location : Tehran
  • Date : 2015
  • Scope of Service: EPC