Come Along Collection

By Mirmola Soraya

Silk Rug: 200 x 3oo cm

The “Moharamat” pattern, which is one of the oldest Persian motifs and is part of the extended designs of the Achaemenid era, is one of the well-known compositions of different eras in carpets and woven fabrics. By using this design, which is created from the repetition of vertical strips decorated with plant motifs, and by drawing the poem “come along dear, for common pain is never treated separately” within those vertical lines, we have tried to create a manifestation of oneness, unity and companionship and invite you to stay together firmly so we can finally reach unity and unification like this woven texture. The weaving of this conceptual work was done in Bijar, Kurdistan, a region known in the world for its dense structure and high strength of carpets, so that the carpets woven in this country are called “iron carpets”.

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Story of Mirmola Soraya

In the beginning the patterns and the images of the Nomads were reflections of their way of life, their surrounding nature and the wishes of their weavers.
Later on, due to the migration’s to cities and industries, the once free imagination of these weavers became infected by trade an their inspiration imprisoned by industries. creative power changed to the patterns and shapes of industry and became their new ornaments. Simple images of animals and geometric patterns that were once the inspiration of the Nomad weavers. Gradually were replaced by noisy designs, became unreal and eventually lost the connection with the essence.
What we see later, is the still great industrialization of the art which fully satisfies the corresponding demands.
Theses days I am more inclined towards impromptu, improvisation, spontaneity and intuition of shapes and images. I avoid repeating the repeated, and abstain from those platitudes which are the creditors and collectors of static culture. I look around, at myself, my surroundings, at today and what is happening.
Sometimes my weaved images are rooted in stories long ago which yet follows me today, and sometimes in an incident which awaits me in future, lurking. I look at the weaved and see it as a ground to grow seeds of imagination.
Many years went on for me to learn the old ways-traditions- and then realizing again that it has become a solid repeatable industry. I believe imagination must be free, and it is then, that, what is weaved, whatever it is, is a realm for the artists to cherish their thoughts.


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