Come Along Collection

Silk Rug: 200 x 3oo cm

The “Moharamat” pattern, which is one of the oldest Persian motifs and is part of the extended designs of the Achaemenid era, is one of the well-known compositions of different eras in carpets and woven fabrics. By using this design, which is created from the repetition of vertical strips decorated with plant motifs, and by drawing the poem “come along dear, for common pain is never treated separately” within those vertical lines, we have tried to create a manifestation of oneness, unity and companionship and invite you to stay together firmly so we can finally reach unity and unification like this woven texture. The weaving of this conceptual work was done in Bijar, Kurdistan, a region known in the world for its dense structure and high strength of carpets, so that the carpets woven in this country are called “iron carpets”.



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