Sword Collection

Carpet: 250 x 350 cm / Silk Kilim: 160 x 220 cm / Kilim Silk Rug: 160 x 220 cm / Silk Kilim 294 x 201 cm

The Sword is a black-practicelike texture of letters and numbers and from a further view, two drawn swords inspired by the structure of the letter “ب” can be seen. The other part of the design of this work is a combination of Abjad letters and numbers. In the culture of ancestors, Abjad numbers and symbols were used to protect the house from evil and dark forces. In this work, if you look at the carpet in a square and rectangular shape which is a symbol of the earth, the world، the house, and the foundation; abjad letters and swords give a symbolic meaning to it’s spirit. This piece’s technique is kilim_rug and letters and numbers made from knots emblazon on the kilim background with the combination of hand-spinned wool and silk.



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