Featuring in Transcending Luxury 2021

Design et al is the independent publisher of design et al Magazine, Luxe et al Magazine, Hotel et al Magazine and Maison et al Magazine. In addition to these monthly magazines, we also publish Design Industry Weekly News and organise The International Design & Architecture Awards, The International Hotel & Property Awards, The International Product Design Awards and The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Transcending Luxury is a featured edition of Design et al, to be published on 30th of September 2020 to introduce the globally recognized contemporary architects and interior designers. Pages 94-97 of this edition introduces Shiva Aghababaei, Principal Architect and Vice-CEO of Tarh Va Afarinesh Architectural and Engineering Consultants LTD. Shiva had previously won the International Hotel and Property Awards, organized by Design et al, back in 2015 for design and construction of Ibis-Novotel Cluster Hotels at IKIA. In this contest, she was the winner of “Best Restaurant in a Hotel” and “Best Spa Hotel” categories, and shortlisted finalist of “Best Hotel with 200 Rooms and More” category.

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