Babel Collection

Silk Rug: 300x 300 cm

Letters are valuable and the design of “Babel” is a tribute to the beauty of the letter “ه”
The initial idea of ​​this design emerged from the visual movements of the letters and creating meanings by repeating them next to each other.
In “Babel” pattern I visualized a group that, although each of them is different in appearance, they have reached a chainlike unity and from monophonic sound of each of them calling “ه،ه” a commotion has formed.
Finally, the mass of these letters in the center, like medallion in the pattern of Persian carpets, reach a consensus and become one, for it’s from unity all of our coalesce.
Also, the circular shape of this carpet, in addition to brandishing the inner meanings of this piece also enhances the beauty of it and the silk threads used to weave the letters have amplified this elegance.
“The Babel carpet has been created and fabricated in a single version “



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