Bakhtiari Bibibaff Carpet

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In the Zagros Mountains, west of the city of Isfahan around the city Shahr-e-Kurd, reside the Bakhtiari nomads. An extensive carpet production area of Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari absorbs nomads as well as village people of changing origin.

The carpets are sold under the common name Bakhtiari (also Baktiar, Bachtiar, etc.) The carpets are made of durable wool, and are beaten very hard, which makes them thick and solid and they are considered to be among the most durable of Persian carpets. A well-known pattern is the Kheshti (garden motif) where the carpet is divided into squares with plants and animals, symbolizing the Persian garden, but also medallions and life tree-motifs occur with influences from the Isfahan carpets.

The best Bakhtiari carpets with the highest knot density are sometimes called Bibibaff.

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1.09 m2


109 cm



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Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari


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